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With more than 50 years combined experience, the Utah criminal defense attorneys at Canyons Law Group have the determination, knowledge, and experience to help you achieve the results you need. Whether you are facing misdemeanor prosecution or felony charges, you need the best defense you can get. At Canyons Law Group, your criminal defense team includes former prosecutors who have worked in the state, federal, and military court systems, and veteran defense attorneys who have successfully defended the some of the most serious crimes on the books in Utah.

The best results come when you hire the right attorney and the right criminal defense team. With defense experience ranging from aggravated murder to DUI and virtually everything in between, the criminal defense team at the Canyons Law Group is prepared to protect your rights, no matter how serious the case. Contact us today to see how we can help you.

Criminal Defense Attorney Profiles

Stephen Howard - Utah criminal defense lawyer Stephen Howard has been named to the National Order of Barristers and awarded the American College of Trial Lawyers Medal for Excellence in Advocacy. Following his graduation cum laude from Brigham Young University's school of law, Mr. Howard initially accepted a position in the appellate division of the Salt Lake Legal Defender Association (LDA). Transitioning to trial work, Mr. Howard advanced to the felony trial team and capital defense (death penalty defense) team at LDA.

As a criminal defense attorney in private practice Mr. Howard works personally with clients throughout Utah. He has defended clients facing the most serious felony charges on the books, and he has defended clients facing a wide range of other misdemeanor and felony offenses. Drawing on his extensive experience, he works hard to find the right solution for each client and to develop a defense strategy to ensure that each client's rights are protected.

Andrew McAdams - Mr. McAdams began his career as a prosecutor with one of the nation's largest felony prosecution offices. Returning to his native Utah, Mr. McAdams spent several years with the Cache County Attorney's Office. Prior to dedicating his skills and knowledge to defending the rights of the accused, Mr. McAdams prosecuted criminal cases ranging from homicide to white-collar offenses, as well as serving as a drug court prosecutor.

Leaving the prosecutor's office to accept a position as a law school professor, Mr. McAdams eventually returned to the full-time practice of law as a criminal defense attorney. He now uses his extensive knowledge of Utah criminal law and his wealth of courtroom experience to help his clients achieve the best results possible in their cases.

Shawn Condie - Utah criminal attorney Shawn Condie brings a unique skill set to the Canyons Law Group criminal defense team. He is a trained law enforcement officer who has completed Utah POST certification and has served as a constable and a bailiff in the Utah court system. He has been awarded both bachelor's and master's degrees in criminal justice from Weber State University as well as a bachelor's degree in Spanish. Initially intending to pursue a career in law enforcement, Mr Condie ultimately decided that he could best serve justice be defending the rights of those facing criminal prosecution.

As a criminal defense lawyer, Mr. Condie has defended clients facing prosecution on serious felony charges carrying the potential for life in prison as well as misdemeanor charges that carry the potential for long-term consequences outside of the courtroom. His experience in law enforcement, his time spent working inside the court system, his knowledge and understanding of the complexities of the criminal justice system, his tenacity and skill in the courtroom - all of these contribute to Mr. Condie's ability to help his clients achieve the results they need.

Adam Elmore - A seasoned Utah criminal defense attorney, Adam Elmore has been previously qualified under the Utah Supreme Court's Rule 13 to represent clients facing the death penalty - the most serious punishment that can be imposed under Utah law. He has successfully defended clients against the threatened death penalty, and is one of a relatively few criminal lawyers now in private practice who can claim this distinction.

Mr. Elmore has extensive experience as a trial attorney and has successfully defended clients in a range of felony and misdemeanor cases in both district courts and justice courts. He is known for his meticulous attention to detail, his incisive legal analysis, and his strong and effective advocacy on behalf of his clients.

Bradley Henderson - His experience as an Air Force JAG officer has given Brad Henderson a breadth and depth of knowledge and experience in the American criminal justice system that is rare among Utah attorneys. After more than 12 years of honorable service in the United States Air Force, Mr. Henderson returned to Utah. He now applies the legal talents he developed as a prosecutor in both federal and military courts to his defense of individuals who are facing criminal charges throughout Utah.

As an of-counsel member of the Canyons Law Group criminal defense team, Mr. Henderson provides valuable insights gained from his training and experience as a prosecutor. His knowledge and understanding of the criminal just system is an asset both to his own clients and to the entire criminal defense team at Canyons Law Group. Whether you are facing criminal prosecution in Utah's district court or justice court systems, federal court, or the military court system, Mr. Henderson and the Canyons Law Group criminal defense team can help.

Confidential Criminal Defense Consultation

When you are facing criminal charges, having the assistance and advice of an experienced criminal defense attorney can be critical to ensuring that your rights are protected. Contact us today to arrange for an initial confidential consultation. We can begin working today to help you achieve the best solution to your legal problems.

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